Help my game isn't working

PC Specs
-Graphics - GeForce GTX 560 Ti
-CPU -AMD Athlon™ II X3 450 Processor
-Operating System - Windows 7
-Memory - 8G Ram and 800G Unused

Description of Bug
-Whenever I click on a server, official or community it seems to never actually connect, it gets stuck at the loading connecting screen and does nothing when its on it.
-It happens everytime i try to connect
-Gives no crash errors i have to cancel the game out.

Attempts to Fix
-Switch Servers - Tried it didnt work
-Restart Game - Tried it didnt work
-Restart Steam - Tried it didnt work
-Close other programs before starting game - Tried it and Never had anything else opened
-Verify Intergriy of Steam Cache - Tried it several times nothing happened
-Reinstall Game- Several Times nothing happened
-Restart Computer - Several Times nothing
-Updated Drivers - No Updates Found

Related Searches
-Found several with same issue no resources or help found on how to fix it.

Post a picture of your console (f1) after attempting to connect please

Here is the link of the attempt of me connecting with the console open

Not sure then, PM Helk (one of the developers)

Is his actually name Helk? Just want to get that clear to message the right person

To be honest, I don’t actually know, but his profile is right here.