Help, My garry's mod isn't working.

Everytime i try and play on G mod, My hl2.EXE keeps crashing.
What should i do?

Does it load up to the first screen?

Does it crash as soon as you double click it?

More details :buddy:

As soon as it stop doing that funny load, It crashed.

Funny load…? :raise:

As in, you can see the background to Garrys mod, as it loads the menu?




Bad graphics card?

No. It was working the last week, It just stopped yesterday.

Anything big that you have installed recently?

Any other steam games?

Also does it come up with something like ‘hl2.exe has stopped working/responding’ ? :raise:

Verify the cache.

yeah, HL2.exe has stopped working.
I need a solution!

Do other source games work? like Half-life/Counter Strike:Source/TF2/Etc?

Reinstall it, and if it fails again, it could be that you changed a config on your PC.

Its just my Garry’s mod, I’ll delete local content and see what happens.

Before you do that, right click Gmod in your games list, then Properties, then click the tab that says “Local Files”. Click the button that says “Verify ingetgrity of game files” and let it do it.

too late, i deleted the garrysmod folder all together. After i installed gmod again ,I tryed playing it but it crashed my steam.
Now what do i do?

Restart Steam


Also, try cleaning Gmod.

Go to My games section. Right click gmod and go to properties. Now click "set launch options. Now copy and past this into the box that shows up -window -dxlevel 81 +mat_forcehardwaresynce 0 ok done? now launch gmod and it should come up in a window. See if you got a vista it tries to close the program before it can update itself to your computer. If this doesnt work then youve got me.
Again the thing is:

-window -dxlevel 81 +mat_forcehardwaresynce 0

dude, thanks!
it got the game working for me :smiley:

Holy crap this helped me
Thanks man!

didnt work for me