HELP! My GMod server is being DoS attacked!

Alright, since last night i’ve been getting random crashes on the server. But they weren’t ordinary crashes, the pings have been shooting up to around 400+ and rising, and the server has been minicrashing (crashing for like 30 secs. then regaining connection). I’ve removed addons, i’ve even checked the console for errors but there is NOTHING out of the ordinary.

So i’m beginning to think this is a DoS attack; as i’ve received many threats before. I’ve sent in a ticket to the host and i’ve tried tracking down whoever’s doing this, but GMod logs don’t log that kind of thing. What should I do?

EDIT: The host’s response to the ticket…

oh god my host is so dumb it hurts

Find a new host. If they can’t even spell “yeah” or use proper grammar/spelling then they don’t deserve your money.

only i can think of is: Sucks for you.

Find a new host :ohdear:

Who is your host?

They look terrible.

Also: there is a DoS “fix” out somewhere which seems to work to some success. I think some hosts offer it as an installable addon. Well, at least mine does

Tell the host to get off their arse and do some sniffing.