Help! My swep doesn't show in my spawnlist in-game!!!


Are there any errors in the console?


I’m going to assume you’ve looked in the entire console when testing this in case there’s a compilation error in the code.

Try forcing it into your possession by putting

give myweapon

in the console, replacing myweapon with the class name of your weapon.

Ok i will try that…

But what happens of its not there?

If it doesn’t spawn and gives you an error? Then there’s still some error in the source code, so the weapon isn’t registered into the game

And if it doesn’t register, whats wrong with the code?

Could be a few different things but it’s usually a syntax error.

and how do i fix it?

Looking at the error and checking the code around the line the error stated… Have you tried doing that command yet?

Where did you put this file?

Nvm i fixed it

THe folder had spaces in it :stuck_out_tongue: