[Help] My TTT server crashes every few hours

Every few hours my Gmod server running TTT will crash. I have managed to pull this from the web console when it does,

Bad SetLocalOrigin(2684.708008,1456.677246,18046.222656) on gmod_hands (831)
Crazy physics on [229][prop_physics] [Ang:-1.#IND00,1.#QNAN0,180.000000] [Pos:-1.#IND00,-1.#IND00,1.#QNAN0] - removing
player/leet.mdl (2) at -1. -1. -1. in contact with player/leet.mdl (2) at -1. -1. -1., crash. dist = -1, minq = 99999999999999998000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.000000

As far as I can assume, I run low gravity on my server and corpses will tend to spazz out just before this crash, I assume that there is a problem with removing the rag-doll that causes the server to crash. I don’t know very much about this issue but could anyone offer a solution or advice?

I also run this in my server.cfg file > AMB_Settings = {} AMB_Settings.MaxVelocity = 4000 physenv.SetPerformanceSettings(AMB_Settings)
I hoped this may have helped as this was the only solution I have seen, but it has not changed the occurrence of the crashes as far as I can notice.

What is AMB_Settings = {} AMB_Settings.MaxVelocity = 4000 physenv.SetPerformanceSettings(AMB_Settings)? That means nothing.

Anyways, here’s the fix: https://github.com/Kefta/Ragdoll-Remover

I installed the script but now nobody can pick up bodies.
If they try to pick up one, the body fell automaticly to the ground and the console spam:
ServerLog: [!CRASHCATCHER!] Caught ragdoll entity moving too fast (550.24993896484), disabling motion.


Customize the removespeed and freezespeed.

Okay i did!
it works now!

Thanks for the responses, I’ll test this out and let you guys know.

I haven’t noticed any crashed yet but after changing the values by 1 (i don;t know if that counts as customizing or not) you can pick rag dolls up but almost immediately drop them and they change colors. Any advice?

Changing them to 1? Are you fucking insane? If the ragdoll is blown on it’ll disspear. Change the values to be higher, not lower. Also, put ttt_playercolor_mode 0 in your server.cfg.

I didn’t say it clear enough :pwn:, I altered their vaules by one so they are currently at 501 and 4001 I believe.

local freezespeed = 501
local removespeed = 4001

Those values are what I changed it to before. I’ll add the line to my server config and raise them a bit, thanks for the help.