Help - Need a prop to slide straight forward

I’m making a little machinima on my own and have been doing well and having fun for the most part. Unfortunately I have hit a bit of a speed bump in it. Essentially I want to have a bunch of the CSS stuffed turtles to come sliding out of the ocean and across the beach in a way that looks kinda like they are crawling forward. I want them to go straight forward and stick to the ground so they will go over bumps and such. I’ve tried every combination of thrusters, hoverballs and keep upright but have failed on my own.

I hope this is the correct place to post this and apologize if it is not. The help section appears to be more for technical help while this is a gameplay question.

Try this.

Try messing around with the Physical Properties tool (namely “Ice” and “Super Ice”)

Not quite what you’re after, but have you tried using a fan from ? It’d need more work, but I reckon you could somehow position some fans to push the turtles along.

if you know wire and e2, you can make a chip that sets a hoverball to float X distance above the ground, by using a ranger and a wire hoverball
works great when i was trying to make a realistic hovercraft

heres the chip i made
Z’s are the hoverposition on the hoverball

A winch that is rope width 0 and non rigid?


This actually provides the simplest solution. I’ll try out everything else as well. Thanks guys.