Help need coder Dark RP 2.5 server will pay in tf2 key

Hi I have just recently converted to dark rp 2.5 and i am having alot of trouble such as:

  1. When i walk up to door it doesn’t say who owns them neither does it say press f2 to purchase
  2. My f4 menu doesnt have the drop weapon drop money etc. commands… well it has no commands tab at all
  3. I need help giving permissions to certain ranks because i dont want everyone having 200 prop limit and having access to all tools
    and i have much more that i need help with

Dont add me unless you have a couple hours on your hands on your hands and know what you are doing but i will pay you in tf2 keys which sell for 2.40 on the steam market

Im willing to pay about 4

add me on steam my steam link is:

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i can help with most of that but not right now it will be like 3hours(im at school)

Says it all.

This isn’t a forum category asking for help regarding your shitty little rp server. Visit the DarkRP help thread in the developer section.

someone is on the rag

You’re on the what? You’re still at school kid, grow up.

8th year of college bro stfu

OP is banned; argue in a PM.

Weird way to judge people. Your DarkRP server (if it’s still up) is just as shitty as everyone else’s.

I stopped my community ages ago O.o