[HELP!] Need Help(Gmod Black screen)

Hello,I am new to this forum but that’s not important from the 19.8.14 i was getting a black screen when ever i join a map/load it.
But i can see my cursor press TAB Esc and Q for the menu and see all of that but i just cant see stuff such as Players,The map,Props and ETC(i see it black).
I just cant manage to fix it,i tried removing “garrysmod” folder and re installing i tried updating my screen card or what ever its called(i have a Nvidia Geforce 45m gt)
and i tried looking at forums asking people but i just can find a fix so please i really need help i am so depressed and i want to play gmod so badly help if you can(you get a cookie for that)
thanks in advance,peace!.