Help Needed: 1860's Wild West RP

Hello, i am creating a 1860’s themed darkrp server but i have very limited rescources to use, there is hardly anything to do with the wild west on… I attempted to create some of my own models but this is too complicated for me, i do the coding for my server. Who ever is interested in helping me please ad [PL] The Man With No Name on Steam and i will reward you with a high rank once the server is up. What i am planning to focus on is a wide range of guns, guns are the main focus of my gamemode, i need revolvers, revolving carabines, rifles, shotguns and some scoped rifles. I have found some weapons but not much, only like 10. The second thing i need to focus on is the ability to buy clothes and store them + an inventory gui. I really need a lot of player models and i just don’t have a clue about hexing and actually creating theese models, i think that for the simplicity i would just include buyable sets but if you look at gangwars rp, they have the ability to put on clothes bit by bit, i would love something like that on my server but i do not have the skill to code such an advanced feature or the money to hire someone. I would also love to have both the union and the confederates in the game, explosive dealers, rocks that have a chance of dropping gold which can be sold etc. I am aiming to make this as accurate to the wild west as possible. I also would need a custom map, i know how to create maps in hammer but i am no expert in this. I am looking for any help i can get, please tell me what you think and remember that i do not want this to be the average darkrp where as soon the player joins the server his objective is to buy a gun and start printer-whoring. Thanks for reading!

Also, if you want people to help you, you’re going to have to pay. Ranks don’t matter to people.

That’s what i thought. Thank’s for the website i will for sure use it.