Help needed about weapons

When i scroll with my mouse i do not see the weapons on the top where they sould be i just get the weapons and it is really annoyng can somebody help.

This had happened many times but sometimes it comes back and sometomes it does not

“Bad spelling” Learn how to use commas, or nobody will help you. Just kidd`n. Can you explain the problem in a better way?

the problem is that you see thouse orange boxes on top owhen you scroll but i do not see them

Can you please take a screenshot? I dont know how to do it, I am norwegian and for me it is FN + prt scr.

Could you list the addons you’ve installed?

Oh i know what the problem is, you have the Quick switch on. Just go to options on the menu, and on the keyboard tab, press advanced, and uncheck the Quick switch or whatever.

tx and can u help me with another problem? because when i go to a server or make one i can not see the loading thing where the white blocks are and the button to exit but i do not see that grey block anymore