Help Needed. Anyone Familiar with PhysicsSimulate.


I have recently been trying to fix one of my old favourite addons for GMod 13 and i also wanted to stop being a leech on society and start trying to learn lua myself.Anyway, the addon is RononDex’s advanced doctor who pack. I have successfully completed the Sonic Screwdriver but am having trouble with the TARDIS’ flying function and the TARDIS’ fading function when it teleports.

Here is a link to the entire init.lua

In the Flight Code I am having trouble with this:

On the line 355, when i keep it as it is i get a “ghost” duplicate TARDIS which does not collide with anything but behaves as i want the “real” TARDIS to behave, like Spinning and all that lot. However, when i remove .PropTardis from:

The Duplicate TARDIS disappears but the “real” TARDIS starts flying in circles upon pressing W, instead of spinning while flying forward.
I get the same result if i remove both of the .PropTardis’ from that line.

In the Fading Code I am having trouble with this:

EDIT: Fading Solved! :smiley:

It simply will not fade at all. I am completely unsure as to why this happened. I have a good guess that the fading problem is in the Function ENT:Think part of the code but other than that i am stumped.

Any help would be IMMENSELY, GREATLY appreaciated as i have spent a lot of time trying to get it to work with no progress. Research can only go so far. :frowning:

~Mr Cookieman

Well I can tell you why it isn’t fading. In Gmod 13 you must set render mode to make props transparent. Put this inside of ENT:SpawnProp().


I’ll let you know if I figure out the physics problem.

Oh god i’m such an idiot. I kept putting that under the SetColor in ENT:Think.

Thanks a bunch anyway. It didn’t work the first time i put it in SpawnProp, so i thought i might aswell put it under ENT:Initialize aswell and it works perfectly! Thanks a bunch!

Anymore for anymore? Still stumped on the flight :L

Any more help would be infinitely appreciated.