[Help needed] Displacement/View distance (Fog)

Is it possible to have an extreme ammount of displacements in your map if you have a very low view distance (Fog)?

(I’m making a down-scaled map for a gamemode, the player is at 20% of original size)

No. Fog only helps with rendering, it won’t circumvent the hammer limits.

You’d have to use bigger displacements, meaning less detail.

So it’s a choice between size or detail.

One wonders what you are doing to hit the displacement limit?
It’s 2048, even covering the entire grid with 800x800 displacements you only get about 1500.

I assume because he’s making everything smaller, he’s want a stupid amount of detail, meaning small displacements with high powers.

I only use displacements in some places. I figured I don’t need this much. :smiley: