Help needed for 1st time Server set up


Ive bought a xenon server 20 slots, its currently just sandbox on flat grass. Ive got the FTP client installed and installed afew mods, darkrp and the oviscity map. But how do I edit my server to a darkrp server and to change the map, Xenon just said

The default map and gamemode can be set on the Command Line Changer page in the control panel.

I know were that is but I do not know the command lines. Ive been at this now for about 3hours. Ive tried searching for simple instruction that 1st timers can understand but cant find any.

Can anyone here offer help !

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for double post, Ive filled out what I can but dont know what to put in the

+exec Execute config command section.

I can help you with whatever you need, i’ve hosted servers for about 3 years, and have had great servers so far. I will answer any of your questions for you. Please add me on steam thesilentdiablo it will be easier for me to help you through there