Help needed for a machinima

I am planning a big Garry’s Mod machinima and I need the help of people who are skilled in areas where I am not. I need someone who can make maps with fitting textures. These maps will usually be an urban environment, or indoor. I also need someone who can use face-poser effectively. Whether it be in-game or by using Source SDK. Lastly, I need someone who can animate NPCs to do simple things like walk, sit, talk, pose, ect. If you have any of these skill sets or anything else to offer, please reply.

Lots of people wanting to make machinimas lately.
If you want to make people pay interest to this, then you need to show off some of the work you’ve done. If it’s your first machinima, then start off slow and do stuff yourself until you get the hang of it.
Hope that helps out a bit.

Thanks for the advice, though it isn’t my first machinima. However, it’s my first one on GMod. My only real concern is animation.

Alright. So even if it’s your first GMod machinima, then start out slow with it to get the hang of it. Once you’re sure you can do it, start getting people involved.

[editline]please don’t actually make this if its your first time[/editline]

Try and post some of the other machinimas you’ve made.

Honestly, I would, but a lot of the production work wouldn’t be mine. I’m the writer, organizer, and basic editor. I used to work on xbox, but now that I’m moving to GMod, I need new people to help out.

Id be willing to help out, ive been looking to be a part of something like this, and im not a very good writer. I’ll be the first one to tell you I have minimal experience in this area but I’m a fast learner. Leme know if you need my help in any way! :smiley:

It’s funny how people try to make machinima’s like a real movie. When I make something we don’t have anything like writes, basic editors, sfx guys etc. We just get in ventrilo/skype think of a idea write it out a little with everyone and than just start filming and having fun.

You don’t need a writer or two-three editors and multiple records just get your friends togethor and have a fun time.