HELP NEEDED! for Blue Shift remake Black Mesa Insecurity.

Alright im writing to you guys because I have run into a snag decompiling BMS models currently the models animations break when decompiling resulting in this whorish error:

This is the idle animation, see the hand model way off in the distance? well thats not how it should look, Barney’s shoulders aren’t as wide as the Sahara, what we need is a solution!!

Some animations work, such as reload:

However most dont, I dont know why this is happening and I have been unable to fix it, and so here is my request.

I am looking for someone who can either:

A) Decompile,Rig,Recompile the view models for me (this is prefered as I can then concentrate on making more props for the mod you will be credited)
B) Decompile Black Mesa’s view models and send the unbroken files to me (last resort but would be very thankful for this at least).

I hope you guys can help us!!!

I could take a look at it, but I won’t be able to do so unless I know you have the BMS team’s permission to use their models…

I think they said on their website that they don’t mind, but they want credit for it.

I may be wrong, though.

The Black Mesa team are perfectly fine with mods of their mod as long as they get credit, which of course they will.