Help needed here

Greetings. There’s a guy who draws a world view object once an effect is activated. I’m talking about a gas mask overlay with that specific function, which can be watched on the next video around ‘0:46’.

I don’t need gas mask model since I probably will find one around, or overlay texture; just the code that makes player bodygroup (or whatever is that) appear or dissapear. I’m not completely sure but I dare to say it’s .CFG related. A code sample could be like the following one:

bind “b” “pp_mat_overlay 2; pp_mat_overlay_texture visor/gasmask; play visor/put_on.wav”

So I’m just wondering what I would have to add on that line in order to draw player object or make it dissapear. Any caritative soul would mind to tell me? please!

You can’t simply spawn a model to a player in the command line, at least not without making a ConCommand. You can, however, make a function in which you bind a model to the player’s head bipod (If that’s how you describe it). At the moment I am not really able to write code, so this should give you a push in the right direction: