HELP NEEDED - Massive Machinima Project: The Delta Vector

Hey everyone,
My name is Aaron Houillon and I am the director/producer for an in-the-works machinima project called The Delta Vector. It has grown from a small, goof-off video between my friends and I to a projected feature-length (90-120 minutes) film. Because of that, I am going to need a lot more help if I’m going to see this project through to the end, which I most assuredly will. First, some information about the film:

Summary: The Global Coalition has become the world’s first and only one-world government, uniting the world under a common currency and tongue by trading storehouses of the Earth’s quickly-dwindling supplies of drinkable water for peace between nations and the power to rule them. However, the human cost of maintaining this empire is brutal, as a harsh Orwellian police state rises to keep a firm grip on the peace gained by the GC’s efforts. When state-sponsored brutality isn’t enough, the GC begins to conduct experiments on the human mind to pacify its citizens. In the midst of this chaotic new world order, a guerrilla resistance movement called The Delta Vector emerges from ordinary citizens who have seen through the GC’s veil of peace. Out of this movement, an elite squad of the Delta Vector’s best soldiers, known as the White Knights, has risen up to undertake a bold and daring plot that could decide the fate of human civilization. It is up to each man to confront his inner demons before taking on the squad’s most fearsome challenge yet.

Those who are interested can read the script here:
I will update the script on Google Docs as I work on it. So far Episode 1 is complete and Episode 2 is in progress.

A Community Effort:

Here’s how this is going to work. The script (and subsequently the film) will be feature-length, around 90-120 minutes. The script is not finalized and is being written as an ongoing process, although I do have a framework for how the film will play itself out. The film will be released to YouTube in episodes running between 9 and 12 minutes or so until the film is completed in its entirety. It will then be uploaded to YouTube as a seamless, whole movie. This film is being made for free and is fueled by volunteers, so I cannot promise any monetary compensation. I envision this to be a community-based effort, and while it is possible for me and a few friends to make this movie, it will take a LOT more time and will be substantially lower in quality than what I know the Garry’s Mod community is capable of. I hope that we can come together to create a high-quality, engaging, community-driven film.

Given the scope of this project, it will take one to two years to complete. I understand that the work put forward for this project will be all volunteer work, and as such YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAY ON THE PROJECT FOR ITS ENTIRETY. Rather, I will treat requests for work as a contract. For example, if I need a texture for a 3D model or an entirely new 3D model itself, I will send a request to every modeler/texture artist on the list. Whoever can get the job done gets a credit in the film and their work featured. I also understand that because this is volunteer work, most of you have lives outside of this community and as a result this movie will fall low on the priority list, as it should be. However, I do want to get this film done before my grandkids graduate college, so I will expect timely, professional work. I do hope that if you volunteer to work on this movie, that you take it as seriously as I do, though I know that it should be a learning experience for everyone involved, and hopefully we’ll have some fun times too.

What We Need:

For each role that you wish to volunteer for, send a personal message to me stating what position you would like to apply for, why you think you can fulfill the role and why you want to help out on this movie. Please check the role description for any further information you should include in your application.

Keep in mind that while I will put a limit on the number of volunteers for a given role, it is more than likely that if you apply for a role, you will get it. I will update this post to reflect whether I am accepting applicants or not.

3D Model Artist Accepting
Volunteers for this role need to be able to create props from a description and accompanying concept art/photos. Props should be appropriately sized and integrated into Garry’s Mod/Source Engine. Must be able to create necessary materials from the model for use by texture artists. Models should be high quality, but optimized for efficient rendering in the Source Engine. The applicant should have a knowledge of Source Engine compiling parameters and needs to be able to compile props to NPC bodygroups according to specifications by the producer. Applicants should include photos and/or video of previous work along with any past credits in projects, if applicable.

Texture Artist Accepting
Volunteers for this role need to be able to create textures from a description and accompanying concept art/photos for various 3D models created by the 3D model artists. Textures should fit the prop correctly and need to follow specifications by the producer regarding color scheme, design, etc. Textures need to be converted to the proper format for the Source Engine, including .vtf and .vmt files. Applicants should include photos of previous work along with any past credits in projects, if applicable.

Voice Actor Accepting
Volunteers for this role need a quality microphone, and little else. No experience necessary. Note that most specific roles for the film have already been cast, although voices for minor characters, such as soldiers and citizens of both sexes, are still needed. The need for this role will change frequently with the script changes - check again for any available roles after an episode has been finalized.

Animator Accepting
Volunteers for this role need to be able to create realistic, fluid animations from a description and accompanying concept art/photos. They should have a solid knowledge of Source Engine compiling techniques and need to be able to compile custom animations for use in the Faceposer tool in the Source SDK. Lip-sync animation is not needed. Subtle animation will be needed along with combat animation, so, while not necessary, it is in the animator’s favor to know both styles. Applicants should include video of previous work along with any past credits in projects, if applicable.

Optional Roles:
These roles are not critically needed for the film, but will make the movie much better in quality, not to mention much more unique. Or it will simply make my job much easier.

Mapper Accepting
Volunteers for this role need to be able to create functioning, high-quality maps according to specifications and concept art/photos/video. Maps must load without errors, be optimized for performance and to prevent memory leaks, and must be visually appealing according to the needs of the scene. Maps must also be to scale to NPCs. No scripting knowledge is necessary. Applicants should include photos/video of their previous work along with any past credits in projects, if applicable.

Story Consultant Accepting
Volunteers for this role need to be able to give critical feedback on the story as a whole as well as individual revisions of the script. No experience necessary, although past experience as a story consultant and/or an author of any kind of literature is definitely a plus. Applicants should include excerpts from past work, if any, and any past credits in projects, if applicable.

Do you think there is a role that you can fulfill and you don’t see it here? Chances are I can use your help - send me a personal message with what you think you can do and I’ll do my best to include you in the project.

You can follow the progress of the film at or find us on YouTube at

Quick tip kid, don’t expect this to go very far. Even if you get everyone to help you, you’ve got a slim chance to actually complete it.

You might want to stick to smaller machinimas before you leap into gmod movies. You’ll get the same popularity in the same amount of time.

So what are you going to do, just to ask?

It’s just that we’ve had several “massive machinima projects” in the past that just basically surmounted to an ideas guy wanting everyone to do all the work for him/her.

No offense if you’re actually going to contribute in development with modeling/texturing etc. but I just want to check.

Don’t get into GMod feature movies. Nobody watches feature-length movies anymore and they never survive production.

Go on youtube and count the number of feature-length gmod machinimas.

Now search facepunch for the number of feature-length machinimas that have been proposed.

Mmhmmm. Something that has grown from a “goof-off” video won’t last. I guarantee it.

That does not work, At all, Scientifically, At all. Really. I mean, Do you understand what all those massive water purification plants are? They’re specifically designed to cleanse and purify waste water into drinkable/bathable water. We would NEVER run out of drinking water unless suddenly the oceans just went POOF.

Mmh… continue.

Uhh… And how can these people rebel against them? And how is it a BAD thing if everyone’s peaceful, Even if their thoughts are being controlled?

Jesus christ that name is trite. Not only that but it seems to me like your main characters are really vindictive war-mongering bastards who are ruining eternal blissful peace purely because WE DUN LIKE GUVENREMENT!

Why not just make the entire thing into one long film? It’d be a waste of time to cut episodes instead of a massive movie.

The problem is. Nobody will do model/anim work for free unless they REALLY love the project. And to be honest your plot is incredibly holed and very trite.

That’s VERY backwards/wrong. You’re essentially saying “if you do it shitty i won’t credit you at all.”


I’m writing the script, voice acting one of the characters, doing the cinematography/video editing, doing the sound editing, and coordinating this whole project.

This caught my eye. Really. You can’t do it like that. You always have to work your videos around the voice acting. the valve dev wiki says this as the FIRST THING on faceposer. You CANNOT just edit it in afterward. Unless you like mismatched scenes.

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So basically, The bits which require the least effort overall?

Look, mate.

Do you have any prior experience with managing a project on this scale, over the internet no less?

If yes, then props to you, you’re in the top 0.1% of the population.

Though, self-evidently, the probability of this being true is only 0.1%, so I expect this will never get off the ground.

Believe me, the story has matured A LOT since the beginning. I suggest you take a look at the script.

Take a look at these:

The movie’s basically asking what freedom truly means. Even if you can have anything you want through machine-induced fantasy, is it really freedom if it means you have to sell the rest of your life?

Suit yourself. You don’t have to agree with me.

I’d like to actually have tangible goals and results as the movie is made, to see the movie coming together over time. This is also a way to build up a fanbase and not just emerge from a dark cave 2 years later with a finished movie under my arm.

Again, I urge you to read the script. I apologize if the summary turns you off; I don’t know if you’ve written a script before but it’s harder than it looks, especially to condense the whole story into an appealing summary.

What I meant by that was that I know that I can’t just have a 3d modeler/texture artist waiting at my beck and call to do some work for me. So if someone’s not available, that’s cool, I’ll just ask someone else to do it. If I don’t like something someone made, I’ll give them feedback until it’s done right, then they’ll get their work featured. I did not mean it to sound like a winner-takes-all, may-the-best-artist-win type of competition for work. And all work will be credited, not just what I like.

Geez, you’re a bit uptight about this. I don’t think you understand that this is a volunteer project. You’re supposed to do it because you want to, not because I want you to. If you’re not interested, no worries, just don’t volunteer.

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Here’s how it works: I write the script, adding in any roles and lines that I need. Once the episode is finalized, meaning the script is done, I put out requests for the voice actors to fill in whatever roles I need. I record the audio, I put it through faceposer, then film the results in the movie. I’m not stupid, I know how this stuff works.

Regarding my roles: it’s not fair to give criticism on what roles are easy or not unless you’ve done them yourself. Perhaps you have a script you’d like to share?

Buddy, it’s good that you want to do something this ambitious, but c’mon, these types of things show up every month or so. They always end badly.I’ve yet to see a single one of these projects take off and become successful. I mean, I wish you luck, but realistically, it’s not going to happen.

Excuse me, but there’s a difference between isolated regions losing freshwater because of changing climate, and the entire world losing water full stop.

If this is the future, then there have surely been advances in energy production, making mass desalination of seawater a viable method of procuring water.

Near future, as in 10 years into the future. We’re not going to have mass desalination by then.

We’re not going to have global water shortages by then.

I’m not predicting the damn future, I’m trying to tell a story.

If you’re going to tell a story you’d better get the facts right.

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I could write a story about flying space bananas that shoot tits and lazerbeems. But if i set it next year it wouldn’t work.

What if someone just revealed that they created flying space bananas that shoot tits and laser beams?

Sigh… haha It seems that I’ve forgotten that this was the Internet.

Okay let me put this another way.

The plot about mass water shortages shatters my suspension of disbelief.

What also breaks my suspension of disbelief is that you think that this project will actually go somewhere.