Help needed on Hammer 3.4

So I wanted to try and get into Goldsrc map-making, but I seem to have a problem that I can’t get past.

It’s asking for an .fgd file, but I have no idea where that would be.
Any idea?

in old steam (before steam pipe and aggregation of steam game files, like hl1 games) the .fgd files would have been in the game folder (ie steamapps/your account/game/game/game.fgd). this was even the case with garrysmod.

now? im not so sure… maybe they are in the vpk files, ill check for you.

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ok so i have condition zero and delete scenes installed without hl1 or any other goldsrc games and it appears that goldsrc games have the old steam game folder structure EXCEPT they are in steamapps/common/half-life/game/x.fgd

I’m looking for the normal HL fgd, though. It doesn’t appear in common/Half-Life or Half-Life/valve, so I have no idea where else it might be. Although, since I’m looking to do maps for Sven Co-Op, would the SC .fgd work instead?

Yes, it would. It did for me at least.

absolutely. it appears with cscz, delete scenes and hl1 installed the only fgd windows found in a quick search was halflife-cs.fgd.

Y’all have been a great help.

considering i havent mapped for goldsrc for about 10 years id say thats a good thing. no worries :slight_smile: i hope you have fun mapping!