Help needed setting up Personal dedicated server

Hey guys, I am just playing around with the idea of hosting my own server, and I am just having a little trouble connecting.

I am hosting the server on a secondary machine, and want to play with friends, and play off my main system.

I dont have a problem with it not showing up on the list, for now it will just be private.

I have downloaded steamcmd and installed the app, and have all the files. I made a batch file with basic command lines for the server (rustdedicated.exe), and it launches and runs fine. Shows my fps at 61, low ping, etc.

Now when I go to connect to it off my main system, I was using client.connect 24.xx.xx.xx:28015 (my IP off of the machine that is hosting)

It will just sit there showing “connecting” and then give me an error message of no response from host after a few moments. I am sure I am missing something obvious here. If anyone is willing to help me out through steam chat that would be great too.

I have only hosted servers on a few different games but never a steam game, and it was always using idiot-proof game UI. This is somewhat new to me.

maybe you should check firewall or antivirus software on your server, they could block connection, also should check default windows firewall…

Probably your server port is blocked. If you have router then you need to do port forwarding, if you have only modem then problem is in your firewall or your ISP blocked all or some ports.

Pretty sure this is a firewall/port forwarding issue. If you have it running on a personal server inside your home network, try doing a client connect using your internal IP, i.e.


Or even try running up rust on that machine thats hosting the server and connecting using this

client.connect localhost:28015

Depending on if either or both of those works will let you work out where the the issue will lie but thinking you need to make sure 28015 (in your case) is properly forwarded on your router/gateway device as well as within windows firewall. I think from memory inbound/outbound tcp and udp needed to be allowed but cant remember off the top of my head its been ages since I ran up a personal hosted server. Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

yes I have port forwarding on 28015-28016 set to BOTH UDP and TCP. Hmm it must just be in my windows firewall. Thanks alot guys, I figured it was something super simple. I was limited on time and just thought I would ask.

yeh , that’s usually where most people have issues with this sort of thing, good luck hope you get it working