Help needed TTT Server ULX: Cannot set superadmins

So my friend has a server and he has installed ULX you can go on the server type !menu and the screen comes up.
we tried to do the whole
Rcon_password ‘Insert password here’
Rcon ulx adduser ‘Username’ superadmin
and it did not work nothing happened at the end of it, i’ve looked online before coming here and found nothing that helpful so do any of you have any ideas?

We are running the all the latest versions

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have access to the control panel? If so go on the Console and type ulx adduser user superadmin

It is rcon_password and rcon ulx adduser

It was done in the control panel.

the console doesn’t let me enter commands if i dont enter the rcon password which i do. then when the console asks for a command it takes about 5 minutes for it to try and fufill it then it ends up not happening

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Thats what a wrote right? just with ‘R’