Help Needed with some Script Error

**Hi Facepunch ! **
So i’ m working on my server right now and i made a lot of things. But i’ ve a few problem. One of my addon is creating script error. I need help to fix it .

**So here is the problem : **

My Weapon Loadout System is creating a script error:

[ERROR] addons/cod_loadout/lua/autorun/client/classmenu.lua:148: bad argument #1 to 'upper' (string expected, got nil)
  1. upper - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - addons/cod_loadout/lua/autorun/client/classmenu.lua:148

So i’ ve been in my “classmenu.lua” . The problem come from line 148. Here it is :

				ClassButton.Paint = function()
					draw.DrawText(string.upper(, "mw3fontsmall", ClassButton:GetWide() - ScreenScale(24  ), 0, Color(255, 255, 255), TEXT_ALIGN_RIGHT);

Can anyone help me to fix this ?

And also. I’ m using ULX. Any one know how to disable the MOTD ?

Thank you. I hope you could help me.

-sorry for my english-

It seems like does not exist so it gets nil when it is expecting there to be a string value in there

What addon is this?

So how could i fix it ? Any idea ?
Im bad at english -_-

Well, it doesn’t exist. Which means we can’t tell you how to fix it unless you find where it is assigned (if it is at all)

Try replacing v with ClassButton

Well. I’m kinda noob with all this stuff. The addon is working well and i dont want to break anything so i’m going to keep this like this until i find something else. Thank you guys for giving me some of you time :wink:

Or replace v with self and add self in between the brackets after function.

And then, is there anyone who know how disable the motd from ulx ^^ ?

Delete the file “motdmenu.lua” from ULX. Just do a search to find it.

Thank you !