Help Needed

Guys, I’m looking to make a new server. I’m interested in making a in depth RP server. I want serious people to join in, and i want this RP to be very serious. And thats the way it will be enforced, But there will be 2 or three different Rival factions working against each other, or can even work together at times, again the oppressive military regime.

Anyone interested in coding/donating/investing would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Tiramisu, and buy your own server.

What the fuck is that? and i plan to buy a server, once i know that some people are going to be on board with helping in the early stages.

First off all:
If you’re going to make a roleplay server, make sure to add in some originality. Don’t just make another DarkRP or OpenAura server.
Instead of going with an overused theme such as HL2RP, RLRP, ApocRP etc try to come up with your own story, and some original factions to go with it.

As for a gamemode: Bomber suggested Tiramisu, which is a roleplay gamemode. Sure, it’s good, it can just be really buggy at times. It’s currently in its BETA stage.

Roleplay really isn’t about fancy gamemodes, though, so just go with any good gamemode that you are familiar with. You can make one from scratch too if you have a decent scripter.

I’m currently looking for scripter’s. I’m really just writing stories for the factions. Worse come to worse we might have to use a dark RP until we can find a decent scripter to help modify tira.

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Anyone who is at least remotely wanting to help in any way, we will definitely take anything we can get, please add me on steam at azq713.

For scripter’s/coders, we will pay you with anything we can muster up as a team. or you can join us and we will forward donations to pay you for helping us over time.

What exactly do you want help with? We might be able to work out some kind of deal.

Add me on steam:

Tiramisu is a good script, even if it can be buggy at sometimes. It only looks like it’ll be getting better with time and it isn’t fnacy.