HELP~ New in skinning/hexing

Alright, so i am pretty much fucked whenever it comes to skinning or hexing and i sure as hell don’t want to do it either. However, i have to contribute (wut) to a machinima my friend is making, so er yea, skinned and hex a USP model. However, problems is that it doesnt show up. Any help? I will upload the files so that you can check/tweak

tips are welcomed, tweaks will have hugs

Just an freaking disclaimer before you go: HEY THAT AINT YOURS
I used an skin from fpsbanana user: skladfin (credits goes to him)
And used some code based of cheesylard’s RCS + Cond sweps(ironsights that fails(in my swep))


Alright, updated the swep now (and I know this should be in the swep section, although somehow, i think its related to the hexing).
Also, now that i checked, i think SWEPS does not need hexing? Omgwtfbbq… anyways, heres the updated link:

ps: the swep now appears as a viewmodel, world model etc, just cant get it as swep:

Oh come on… no replies… i must be hated…

I got this problem like this once, I never fixed it and stopped working on the skining so someone please help