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Hello readers and posters of Facepunch.com. I need some help. So I want to get into mapping for Garry’s Mod/CS:S. Few questions, 1. What do I use to make these maps, Where can I get it, And do I need anything in order to do this? 2. Should I download anything else with that thing I need to make things better or that people find useful and is a must-have, Sort of like a addon pack or something. 3. And finally whats the best way to get started? Should I have a post to refer to or something you guys use that I should use as well. Thanks for all the help in advance, Much appreciated!

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Download Source SDK from your tools tab, open hammer, follow tutorials.

Don’t post your first map.

Alright, Thanks. Ill edit this post if anything goes wrong.

  1. Source SDK > Hammer
    Which can be downloaded in Steam > Library > Tools > Source SDK (Provided that you own a Source game!)
  2. Owning a newer source game so you can use a newer engine.
  3. Look for helpful threads on the forums and refer to the Valve wiki.

Oh, and please refer to Firegod522’s post below. xD

1.) Hammer, Its inside of the Source SDK, which is located in your library>tools, its free to download if you own any game.

2.) Custom textures, and models are awesome.


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Also, i’ve made about 30 full sized maps so far and I have NEVER released or posted about any of them to the open community before (though I have shown a few people on my friends list).

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  1. Hammer Editor(Get the Source SDK from the tools menu in Steam.)
  2. Not really. Unless you want some prefabs or custom textures,etc. Most of those you can find at FPSBanana.com.
  3. Youtube, Youtube, Youtube. Look up some tutorials there. I recomend the ones by 3kliksphilip.

G’luck, and happy mapping.

Your best friend is a light_environment. If your map is a house that’s just a cube with one texture and no models or lighting, don’t post it. Don’t make flatgrass remakes. Be original. Have fun :slight_smile:

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OP, ignore the stuff about custom shit and stay the fuck away from youtube for tutorials unless you are referred to specific videos by members of the community.

Just get the basics down before trying anything too optimistic and don’t make a massive map for your first map. Keep it small and simple.


Could not agree more.

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  1. Download the Source SDK from the tool section. You need to own at least one Valve Source based game to use it. Once that’s done, use the Hammer editor in it. Make sure the game configuration is either set to CS:S or HL2:E2 (recommended for Gmod). Both are underneath Source 2009.

  2. Having more Valve Source based games can help you out in terms of model and texture selection. Custom textures/models can also help you out greatly later down the road. Ignore them for now and stick with the base stuff.

  3. Look at tutorials and the Valve Developer Wiki. Firegod has a excellent list of good mapping sites in his post.

Some various mapping tips:

-Never release your first map. It’s guaranteed to be crap. Use the first map as a place to try out basic level design and tricks. After you complete that and know your way around Hammer better, then it’s ok to start releasing any of your maps from there on out.

-NEVER EVER USE CARVE AND/OR HOLLOWING! While they may be ok in a few situations, both are very sloppy ways of getting the job done. Do things the long way and the map will thank you for it.

-Don’t use YouTube tutorials. As Firegod pointed out, certain users have a history of giving crap advice and practices. Unless they are from a respected source or are backed up by a written portion, just don’t use them.

-Start out with something small for a first map. Good places to start are things like a small park or your house. Don’t go into the hardcore stuff until you have the skill

-Don’t make gm_construct or flatgrass remakes. We have FAR too many of them and they aren’t original. Only the very skilled and talented can make a construct remake that won’t suck hard.

-Go and play lots of maps for Gmod or CS:S in a private server (to examine the level design) and online with others (to see the gameplay). Keep note of the good and bad maps, what works and what doesn’t so you can make something better.

Anyways, welcome to the community!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate ALL these tips and I will be sure to not post my first map as I have heard from many people that is a bad idea. I think for my first map I will be starting with a simple house. Now i have Gmod and CS:S but not half life 2, can I make decent maps for Gmod using CS:S?

Yes since the engine builds are the same. It’s also considered the alternative to map with since lots of people have the game. HL2:E2 is preferred though for simplicity and better suited models/textures.

Ok if you look on firegod’s channel his first video, His setup is really nice. Mines all clumped together and hard to see things and i can only move the frame left or right a tiny pit

Can we see a screenshot of your setup? It might help give us a clue of the problem.

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Holy christ that’s cramped.

Maximize the thing. Very hard to map with it as a window. As for the right side, move everything over so it fits under one bar.

how lol! i dont know!