Help! Nexus Gamemod, My scheme fucks n bugs :P

Allright, I’ve finnaly tested my scheme today with the map and ive found some bugs…
I fixed some of them but there are others that i do not understand how to fix.

*few notes, I was editing “Novus Two” scheme, of nexus 3.

The currect troublemaker bugs are

1)When people are rightclicking a body and then loot or mulitate… both of the options are not working.
It just ignors the click.

2)How do i make my factions spawn with items when they die or just spawn for the first time?

3)f3 for a tie and f4 for searching are not working. ( I can tie people with rightclicking on the zip-tie in my inventory but it needs to work with the f3 button by the script, also i can still search people with a chat command but the f4 button needs to work too.) and i cant untie while pressing “e”.

4)I can cash, Whenever i hit on the “cash” option for an item it ignors my click.

Thats for now.
Any file that you need to see just tell me.
Thanks for the help! And pleasse ,PLEASE! HELP!

You need more experience. Find the bugs yourself, it will make you a better coder.