Help! No context menu on Gmod 11?

I have gmod 11 and everytime I hit the c key for the context menu, nothing shows up. I am rather new to gmod, but I don’t understand why the context menu won’t show. Any help would be much appreciated.

Go into keyboard options and make sure you haven’t bound the C key to something else.

I did that and nothing is bound to c but, uh c.

So the C key isn’t bound to anything?

Go into your keyboard options, and the setting for opening the context menu should be the second one down. Select it, click “Edit key” then hit the C key.

You have to select something after you pressed Q, to the right column. C is showing that. If you see nothing just the cursor, you did not selected anything there previously.

EDIT: Ya… I see the date, just found it with Google. :smiley: