Help! No Main menu!

i was running Rust perfectly fine today but i closed it, and then reopened it. and for some reason i am faced with a blurry animation with a weird shadow flailing around in the structure.

why cant i see the main menu where it says play game etc? i have tried pressing escape and f1 to open the console… and i get nothing.

Verify steam cache [DONE]
delete and install local content again [DONE]


any more suggestions? Help would be much appreciated!

u just created a double tread :stuck_out_tongue:
i posted this problem 10 mins ago XD

I think its a failed patch, just wait until they fix it we all got the same problem. :v:

oh god sorry, i made it at the same time lol, but i posted it in the general discussion section :L

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ah okay, good, i thought it was just me!

possible, they pushed out bad/corrupted patches before. like the one before the bolt action patch where your server list didnt refresh and u had to quit the game every time u wanted to join another server

You’re on the dev branch - switch to the main branch for relative stability

true, but i like the dev branch cause we Always have thats little edge of features that the offical servers dont have. like being the first to recieve updates. i rather stay put till this get fixed.