[HELP] No More Room In Hell - Hammer

I have a huge problem, I’d like to map the mod No More Room in Hell, but when I run hammer editor, it tells me:

FATAL ERROR - Missing material 'editor / wireframe "

Thank you kindly help me, it’s urgent.

Have you set up hammer properly?

I’m not sure but yes. How i can check ?

Having the exact same issue. Gmod is configured in Hammer properly with the SDK 2013, but it’s still being finicky.

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Well, I extracted the editor files from the Source materials.gcf, and placed them in my garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/editor file. The error dialogue went away, but its still only displaying black within the viewports. No grid or anything.

My guide here will work, have tested it on both steam beta release for NMRiH and the current public one

**wazanator > ** I have make all of your says but it doesn’t works. ;(

What error are you getting?

Can you tell me exactly what I should do? Because I do not understand how to fix the error I have.

I have the same error. And yet I have edited the files as in the tutorial.

You didn’t say the error?

FATAL ERROR - Missing material 'editor / wireframe "

NMRiH launches to steam on Halloween, I would wait till then. I think you will have a nice surprise.