Help...noob question.

I was playing on one of the official servers for quite some time and when I relogged today it is not on my history and I went back and logged onto every official server listed in a futile attempt to rediscover which one it was. Is there some way to look at your account to see where you’ve spent most of your time? I had made some considerable progress with the character and do not really feel like starting completely over.
I remember it was one of the US servers, central, I think, but so far bupkis when I’ve gone a-logging on each.
Thank you.

Sorry there…you may be out of luck.
Next time, if you find a server you like,be sure to hit the star icon on the left of the listing and click on it to highlight it. This will at least give you some sort of reference.
*Note-There was an update today,so…if you do not see your server listing in your history they may not have yet updated.

Yes, I was thinking by now they had possibly rebooted/updated all of the servers.
Thanks for the tip on the star icon.