HELP: Not Able to Connect and Not Listed in Server List

**Hello Everyone,

I Recently purchased my Own server Through multiplay services and I was working on my server.

When I wanted my Friends to Connect to my server,

  • First : Its not listed in the Server List…
  • Second : I am not able to connect to my server anymore.

I mailed with Multiplay yesterday and they told me it was due the problems with the facepunch services and that U guys were working on it. But it is Strange that I am not able to connect to my server anymore
Any of you got any Ideas I would appreciate your help

Greetz… **

Hello OALE

Please ensure firstly that your servername is not using multiple special characters first of all and secondly if you are using the Oxide mod, your server will be listed in the modded section - if you havent paid for unbranding - it will likely be far down the list for people that sort servers alphabetically