Help, Numpad controls switched to normal key controls. GMod 13.


I have found that once I use the Advanced Duplicator to spawn some of my best dupes from GMod 12, the controls
are switched from the numpad to the upper, keyboard numbers which makes it impossible to use.

I can’t just make new versions of the thrusters, wheels with the correct controls etc, because there are so many and it’s not worth it.

Does anyone know how to swap them since this is quite annoying.

This image I made may help.

I cant use the wired numpad for the same reason.

I hope this can get fixed soon.

It’s not really a bug though, just a conversion error from old adv dupe ports. My suggestion would be to request old dupe saves to load with altered key bindings. I don’t realistically see Garry doing anything about this. Dupes need to be updated for the new game.

Ok, will try. Thanks.