Help - ODST map

I am planning on making a small map similar to ODST, But i need some help

At the very start of that video, When you drop down and then crash, How would i do that, Fist the pod moving, then the clouds, The screens showing people and lastly the actual crash?


You could do a func_train for pod and use particles for clouds. But as for the crash im not entirely sure if you can make it so when the pod is at the end of the func_train an explosion ocours smoke particle begins and the model of the pod turns into a more beat up one.

If you wanted to make a faithful recreation of that scene… well, Im not sure that’d be possible in Hammer. Or at least not practical. It’d probably involve a lot experience and a huge scripted scene, or a lot of func_trains. And you’d need a huge skybox, or a relatively big one that’s a train itself that keeps going back to start. And even if you pulled that off, I’d assume it’d lag a lot. Or maybe there’s a better way to do it, idk.

However if you’re going to be simplifying it a lot, Id go with func_trains like coobydoo said or a scripted scene. Use either a custom model or a smoke effect for the clouds. Although I think you may still run into the big skybox problem. Anyway, that’s just what I have to say. Im not exactly a great mapper.

For the opening scene he could just use a 3d skybox with tiny models or even just small brushes. then create a pod with windows and a skybox textured shaft outside for the pod to travel down. that way you save space width-wise.

it isn’t impossible
But extreamly hard
I would recommend a animation for it (like VALVe’s plane crash in l4d)
Saves effort time and a whole load of other stuff you dont want in your map :slight_smile: