Help : on a server that has spikes of lag - admin says it not the server.

Hi, I’m on a server that has spikes of lag which is really frustrating and unplayable at times.
Want to stay on the server and have raised with the admin, who has raised multiple tickets with their gaming host.

They have said the network is running fine and the server is fine, server has been restarted but lag seems to come back every so often.

Are there bugs in the game that can cause this rubber banding, some people have mentioned the building are causing the issue with some super structures.
If it is the buildings how can it be governed?. Any help would be appreciated.


if you’ve tried more than 1 server and they are all low pop and they are still lagging I would agree with the admins and it’s not the server but rather you.

Its not just me who has been lagging it’s everyone near a large super structure 300 stories high - admin says there is no way of killing off the structure. Any ideas?