Help on GMod

Can someone list ALL the games I 100% need to play GMod10 and the tools…and like tell me anything BASIC I need 2 know about installing?

Use the search function.

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What do you mean? By my understanding at the moment, get any source2007 based game and gmod.

I mean like do I need anything besides Half-Life2/CSS - like tools - Do I need to DL/install Source SDK and Source SDK base?

No, you never need ANYTHING in tools.
Btw source sdk is for making maps and stuff. you would never need it.

Episode 2 is suggested. It will help reduce missing textures. A lot of map textures are episode 2 from what i understand.

Edit: But if you have gmod and css+hl2 you can play perfectly fine.

So I just need HL2 and im all set?

yeah, any source2007 + Gmod works.
The only difference the game makes is the available content for building.

You got an extra copy by any chance? XD (Who the hell keeps making Dumb x 1 adds -.-)

Its a dumb bot :stuck_out_tongue: lol auto rater

I only got guest pass for tf2. extra copy of what btw?

HL2 Dx

What games u got from valve?

Episode 1 & 2 Garry’s Mod from friend - Guest pass used up TF2 - Lost Coast and Portal:First Slice

Yeah, you’re all set, go start up gmod for the first time!!!

I tried b4 - it keeps crashing

Well then, what error?
pc specs?

Hl2.exe problem - how to I tell specs (I win dumbass points! :D)

right click my computer and click properties, there should be some text there.

Windows Vista
Compaq Prescario CQ50 notebook PC
Intel®Pentium(another R) dual cpu t3200 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00 GHz
Memory:Ram-2.00 GB (i think its that)
32-bit operating system


or the processer Idk


Yeah its probally the processer most likely


Stephen if your still reading this can I ask how do I get more GHz?

Actually, if you want to make maps or test models, then you will need Source SDK out of tools. And if you want to create a Dedicated Server you will need to download it from tools.

Thats what i said. You will never need any tools to play the game.

And to get more GHz you need to get a new computer or replace the cpu. It looks fine. My computer is about the same as yours cept i have 3 gb ram. Probably a software problem. Try updating your drivers for your video card.