--Help-- On mac with addons and mods


So i download an addon or mod and put it the addons in garrysmod

When i go to play garrys mod , it does not show up in the game or in the addons

Please help

Several things ive tried this on :

A few SWEP’S
Nuke Pack 4
Dismemberment pack

I really wish people got banned for posting in wrong sections

I did, and was banned for 3 days.

Repost in the gmod help forum after you get unbanned

First of all make sure you are putting the folders in the proper location.
Addons (have a info.txt directly inside) go inside the addons folder
Some mods are not addons and are to be merged inside your gmod folder.
Personally ive had lots of trouble with garrysmod and Mac

Aren’t Macs case-sensitive also? I would figure some addons would become incompatible for that reason.

Or maybe we should have a feature to delete our own threads after realising we was wrong so we don’t have to be banned.