Help on Making Car turning

So I decided on further practice with making vehicles. My latest Idea I wanted to test was making a turning system that would be at least decently comparable to real car turning. My idea was this.

Use Elastic to make wheel axle turn back to “0”
Use thrusters turn axle.
Wheels provide forward movement

The problem is this. When I test this out, the wheels tend to get caught up in one side or the other and the turning seems a bit unresponsive. When i turn, it does turn after a bit but trying to go the other direction will result in it just screwing up. I am wondering what I should do to make it better, or if others have some other designs that can help me out.

You could try a winch with a fast movement speed, it wouldn’t snap back to the center but it might work.

So I would have only two winches and no elastic?

Yes, except when you place one, have one stretch out so they’re even and don’t pull against eachother.

use karbine’s suspension and realistic turning. shit works wonders.

Wire hydraulics is the way to go.

Actually I have yet to see an actual rack and pinion turning system in GMod. This so called “realistic” steering is a complete lie.