Help on sending files to clients.

Hey, I’ve been reading on AddCSLuaFile() and have tried to bind it into my server files but it still seems to not send it to the clients.

Screen shots of the file structure and the AddCSLuaFile() line.
File structure 1:

File structure 2:

Summary: Files aren’t sending to the client.
NOTE: Sorry, I’m not used to server and client code for servers. I’m used to developing clientside/serverside standalone code.

You don’t need the “if CLIENT then” block inside display.lua, and you don’t need to include it in int.lua. You should also put int.lua inside autorun/server (create the folder).

So that leaves me with this.

Note I took the end out of the second image.

EDIT: (Because it was an if statement)


Also I’m only doing quick edits. I’m not in Notepad++ at the moment.

are those .lua ?


You should try Notepad++ with the syntax highlighter.

Did you read my edit? I said I do minor edits in Notepad, for full coding I use Notepad++.

And do my suggestions work? Have you tested it?

If I am not mistaken, doesn’t AddCSLuaFile begin with whatever directory the file you’re using it from originates in?

Because, if so, then you’re trying to AddCSLuaFile “autorun/autorun/client/display.lua”

Maybe take out the “autorun/” in your AddCSLuaFile and try?


Nevermind, looked it up. That’s not the case.

Arent Lua files auto sent?