Help or robbery

Am i being robbed ?
why has my post been closed with no awnser to it why am i being shut out from help i am trying so hard to get this game working
please someone that has contact with some devs or something anyone really that could give awnsers

so can i please get a timescale on a fix , suggestions or an actual fix
please can someone private mail me or something getting no awnsers from either forums im going to really annoying

On that actual link you’ve put - they have answered you - They’ve told you an admin will get back to you. I suggest reading some of the post made to you and seeing what they are saying!

So an admin says an “admin” will get back to you , then why did facepunch close my thread with no awnsers?

This is your Event Log:

If you click on it, you will see the latest events (thread locks, bans, etc.) that have involved you. garry, the owner of the forums and the dev studio, closed your thread.

Sorry can’t click on your link there friend but i still don’t understand why the game makers would close my thread that is asking for support on a game that i have bought , aren’t i entitled to some support?, even if its just saying the problems being fixed and when roughly it will be completed , lead me to a link to help the problem, explain to me why its happening , these kind of things i expect a game even in pre-release to answer, not basically block me out of getting support even from other players quite shocked at that, even after leaving a good review on steam. lol

… under your own damn posts, there’s the same icon on each of them.

garryShow Events closed KONKER2015Show Events’s thread called Please RESPOND ASAP in Rust with the reason “Undescriptive Thread Title”

Okay i see this as a valid reason for closing the thread apologies on the title i have now renamed this threads title to be more descriptive of the post

Unfortunately, after a few minutes after posting, you’ll need a mod to change the title, even though it looks like you can change it anytime. You can send a polite private message to any of the moderators (green-coloured names), such as postal.

BTW, the forum mods are not Rust developers and do not have technical knowledge of the game.

Thankyou i have sent portal a message and turned my private messaging on for anyone that would like to contact me regarding my post also any information towards my problem would be very much appreciated.

I am rather keen on the game just got a big base guns and nearly explosives to kill a guy that is KOS everyone lol so i am rather gutted that i am paused in my revenge ! lol

Any updates on this?