[HELP] > • Part of the map automatically deletes each compilation. •


I try to change rp_city45_2013 for Half Life 2 Role Play server but when I compile the map, part of the map is not present, I do not know if this is a protection or a hammer bug I hope you can help me.

If this is a bug or a hammer protection, is that you can tell me how to get rid of it? thank you. :smile:

Sorry for my english, i’m french.

If you noclip to the area where the map is missing, and it loads and the other part disapears. Something is wrong with the areaportals. Best is to make your own map if you arn’t good at mapping.

You might have radius culling enabled. Press C to disable it. :slight_smile:

DatPolishGuy > It’s not a area portal bug.

Edit : And when i use noclip i can see the map in a big size below the map.

You’ve got a leak.

I deleted all the leaks but there is always the problem.

Use a point file.
If it points to an entity, check your brushwork.

I use the pointfile, but i don’t have problems.

Decompiling a map causes all kinds of issues. Do you have the compile log?

FindPortalSide: Couldn’t find a good match for which brush to assign to a portal near (11062.7 699.0 422.5)

You do have an areaportal leak, go to those coordinates via the View-tab on the top row, and fix or remake the areaportal or any brushes that might cause the issue. Remember you cant place areaportals on func_details

I also see you’re using displacements with the power of 4, that could be problematic either now or later on, so I suggest lowering them down to 3

What do you mean you deleted all the leaks? Do you mean that you deleted every entity in the map or you actually fixed the cause of the leak? Please tell me it’s not the first one…

Assuming that you properly fixed the leaks, the FindPortalSide error can also pop up when you have a really really big brush. You can try splitting that brush up into multiple parts and see if that corrects things.

Also you’re not running VVIS at all, which might make a difference, even on fast.