help people cant connect

hey guys

i jus reinstalled my copy of gmod and went to run my server, but no-one can conenct, it just says server is not responding, yes my ports are forwarded, my server worked fine before the reinstall, anyone know how to fix this?

Reinstall again, duh.

Type in the console sv_lan 0

done both.

nothing worked.

on anothe rnote shankney, i have reinstalled 5 times.

Tried these:
sv_lan 0
Also how are other people trying to connect to you, if they are connecting via the steam window then it wont work, because the IP will be a local address.
Go to and copy the the numbers at the top. Then add your port to the end, for my it looks like this…

i know, i know, done all of those and they are trying to connect via ip i ran this server for a year and just did a fresh install to clean up adodns and it stopped working

This happened to me once, Are you ** Absolutely sure ** you forwarded your ports??

very, i forwarded them all over again when it started happening

anyone else know waht might be wrong?

Your double-posts could be in the way…but maybe instead try checking if you can connect to other servers. Also think back to what you had installed earlier.

i do remember i had srcds installed and was runing it dedicated, but wen t back to listen after dedicated didnt quite work out…

i used firedaemon to run it and i just uninstalled both, but it still doesn’t work.

im going to try connecting to another server now

p.s i have the same addons that i did before, pcmod, assmod, durgzmod (rp) and wire

(edit) tried connecting, but the server list says “steam beta must be running to make use of find servers”, but i have steam running? whats going on?

somebody help, steam support says they cant help with server issues

can a mod lock this? i fixed it


How Did You Fix THIS!?!?!?!?!
Please tell me, I have this same problem. People Can’t Connect to my server (hosted on my laptop CONNECTED by a internet cord), im like the only person that can join, im 100% sure it isn’t LAN hosted
Settings for my garrysmod server:
Server Name: ROLFBURGERS SNOBUILD TEST (<- Problably not important)
Map:gm_construct_10_snow (<- Problably also not important)
Network: Internet
Max Players:8 (<- Problably also not important)
USP Port: 27015

well, i dont know whats wrong with yours if its an internet cord, but my proplem was i had forwarded the oort 27015 twice, i removed the second one and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks anyways, my 2nd pc (which is hosting the server) is connected through a tunnel via my first pc (which can join) so I tried forwarding both of them, but it doesn’t seem to work :\