HELP phong + specularity on same vmt (sdk 2k13)

Hello everyone,

it’s been a long time since I have been active on the forum due to studies and work(I stopped in 2k9).
As I have re-started to work on an old mod I worked in the past, I need a bit of help understanding the new features available in the source sdk 2k13.

I have heard that it’s possible to have phong and specularity in the same vmt (would allow to have a fake PBR I guess) but I can’t manage to do it.
Well I managed to but I had like to have different phong mask and specularity mask.
I tried to play by setting basealphaenvmask 1 in order to store the specular mask in the alpha of the diffuse, and the phong mask would be in the
normal map alpha but without success.

Do you have any tips, vmt sample or explanation on how to achieve the result I want?
This is really frustrating to see my model looking so good in Quixel and looking like crap when imported in source because I can’t manage to have that

Thanks in advance!

dunno what the result is you wanna achieve. since you ‘talking’ about sdk i guess you got a working mod with working default shaders? or just a ‘mappack’? which should do the same. it should just work from scratch. now… the combo is correct and is working. only trigger for a glitch might be that hlmv uses ldr (xyz.vtf) and the game per default uses an hdr version (xyz.hdr.vtf) of cubemaps. you need that working in case you do custom cubemaps. default cubemaps should work. here’s the kicker. incase you map yourself… you need the default cubemaps removed to build them ingame or use a fixed compiler (i got that) that doesn’t bake them in the first place. that’s that known buildcubemaps issue in the 13er sdk engine. anyway… pics…

Thank you! I got it to work properly :)!