Help pl0x

So I have Garry’s Mod on one Steam account with TF2 and on another Steam account I have CSS, Portal and Half Life 2 (this is due to it being a friends account who rarely used it any-more due to work and gave it away, yet I didn’t wish to buy things off his account).

The TF2 and Gmod account is my own. However whenever I go on Gmod I only have the physics gun and none of the other Half Life 2 or CSS weapons. I have also tried to install SWEP packs and it says there are missing files.

Is this due to the games being on two different accounts?

All help is appreciated.

You have to own the game on your account or else you won’t get the models for the game.

In short, yes. My friend had a similar problem, couldn’t remember his login, ended up having to buy the orange box twice because he set up a new account instead of hunting down his info for the existing one.

And no, there is no way to transfer ownership of a game through STEAM.