[HELP] [Player Model] Arms Raised [3DS MAX]

Hello guys!

I found an interesting Model that i want to make into a Player Model.

But the model i have doesn’t have the Arms raised, so it’s hard to apply the Skeleton on it.

Here is an image of the Player Model:


Does anyone know how i can make it like this (arms raised)


You’re out of luck there afaik. The easiest way, if you don’t want to move vertices manually, would be to rig that, move the arms, legs etc into the t-pose and continue with that rig or remove it and rerig to ValveBiped.

If i want to make it in the T Pose, i need to move verticies manually?

I’d advise against that, you can do it but it certainly won’t look pretty.

Like Gamefreak said best thing to do is take the skeleton you want to use for it, rotate the bones so it’s in the pose of the model you want to rig, rig the model, then import the base skeleton again to reset the pose and clean up any verts that you weighed wrong.

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I Just rigged the Model with the Skeleton,

But i don’t know how i can make it in the T Pose :frowning:


I have no clue how to work with 3ds max, but I assume weighting the mesh to the rig, importing ValveBiped as a reference and resizing, rescaling the mesh and rotating bones till it looks alright should work.