Help Please! Audio Shortkeys?

Hey folks,

Do you guys know of any programs that exist that allow you to set up in-game audio short keys. For example, by pressing F1, your character will say a pre-recorder audio file for all other players to hear. (i.e. “BOOM HEADSHOT!”).

Orrrr… Somehow set up your microphone with the same concept (without physically putting the mic by the computer speaker to play the audio).

Thank-you! :smiley:

Sounds like a job for HLDJ/HLSS but there are so many servers that as soon as they find out your using it will ban you and you have to understand how to convert so it won’t ear rape everyone

Everything you need to know is there.

Use with care, young grasshopper.

HLDJ FTW (beat that lava >:D)

  • an old video I made-