-HELP PLEASE :)- gaminfo.txt error and third person perspectives (newbie alert)

im looking to design a very specific map for some interesting research. I have orange box and downloaded garrys mod because I was told it would allow me to easily use a third person perspective. EDIT: now have garrys mod running, so my questions concern third person camera angles, scripting and reskinning.

saw some great fixes from experienced mappers in other posts here, so my questions to you wise ones are

  1. is garrys mod the best (simplest) option for mapping with 3rd person camera angles?
  2. is it possible to take the same model and reskin it? in my case i’ll need the same male model with both black and white skin
  3. scripting, i need a simple sequence in which one npc raises a gun and shoots another npc a few times, where best to start with that?

thanks guys!

  1. Gmod is useful for scripting and doing a shitton of things, including 3rd person. Check up some videos on it.
  2. Yes. With VTFEDIT and any editing program, open the vtf file from the gcf file (its in your steamapps dir, you open with gcfscape) Then export it as a tga or something afaik then edit, reimport and save as vtf. Or get photoshop vtf plugin.
  3. You can use either LUA or you could probably do it from within hammer itself.
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“-HELP PLEASE :)- gaminfo.txt error and third person perspectives (newbie alert)”
Don’t use titles like this, a more suited title would be… “Gameinfo.txt gives an error and some questions about third person perspectives”

yeah, gmod is great for this as it actually renders your playermodel when you use a camera (also bad if you’re making a fake 1st-person POV animation if you can see yourself…)

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