HELP PLEASE! Garry's mod won't start!!! Any suggestions appreciated. (pics)

Hello internet people! I have been having a problem with my garrysmod for the last 2 weeks. It wont start even though it used to work fine!
When i try to run Gmod it crashes with the horrible error HL2.exe has stopped responding =[.

This is the screen just before it crashes (Its the first thing you see when you open Gmod)

Then this:

I Have tried reinstalling Gmod, steam and searching online and have found nothing. My computer is not the problem (i assume), i have 4 cores running at 2.7, 4gb of ddr3 ram, 1g dedicated video memory, ect. ect.

When i try to run gmod from the garrysmod directory in steam, i get this error:

Also i do not know if it is related, but when i try to exit steam i get this even though i have nothing running:

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance =].

I was going to make a thread but I am having the exact same problem.
I open up Gmod and the usual loading screen appears, then my mouse makes the loading circle and I have
to tab out of the game to quit. I get “HL2.exe stopped responding”
Can’t play the game at all. I tried verifying game files and all that.

Sorry if I got you excited for an answer OP. :v:

It’s fixed now, I left my pc on idle for ten minutes and came back and it was on the menu screen. Perhaps it was just taking a very long time to load all the new props from the games I’ve bought from the summer sale.
Having said that the first few times it did crash on me though.

I have the same problem. I was playing Garry’s Mod and it was fine, later I closed it and there was an engine update. When it was completed I ran Garry’s Mod and it does exactly this.

Since none of you have a Steam profile linked to your Facepunch account, we don’t even know if you have a legal copy.

I have the same problem! I’m running Windows Vista with 2.00ghz of processor speed and 2038mb of ramm. Please help!

I can’t help you because I can’t tell if your copy of Garry’s Mod is pirated or not.

I am also having this problem. Yesterday during the day I was able to play (TTT) fine but for some reason the weapons and player textures had the purple/black squares. Then later in the night I tried playing and HL2.EXE starts and then stops. In Task Manager I try ending the HL2.EXE process but it won’t. My internet connection stops working and I can’t shutdown my PC. I have to do a hard shut down everytime. Today it’s still having the problem, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Garry’s Mod to no avail. Were there any recent updates in the last 48 hours?

MouMatt does in fact have a legit copy.

And again, make sure your Steam profile shows a real one, and a public one.

I’m not going to believe a poster without a Steam profile himself.



Since you’ve shown you actually own it, try verifying game cache and defragmenting the files.

ty derek, and yes ive tried that. Right now im just gunna leave it running for an hour or two in its “not responding” state. Hopefully it will work :confused:


I would try contacting Garry then.

sadface. hopefully a patch or something will fix it

Hey guys I found out why mine suddenly stopped working. I use F-Secure anti-virus which recently (last couple days) had a large update. If I unload F-Secure all the sudden Garry’s Mod pops right up. Never had this problem until 2 days ago, which was actually after F-Secure’s update by a day or two. Still looking at F-Secure’s setting to see why it’s doing this…

There’s your problem, get avast! or MSE.

Could you next time gmod crashes please just show the dump file instead of positing pictures of a crash and think you have the same issue? The dumps are located in (where your steam folder is located)/Steam/dumps, you can view them on

Also, see if you have similar issues with other games like CS:S or Half Life 2.

I’m using F-Secure cause I get it free since I’m a Charter customer. It’s like a $60 program for free. I used Norton for years, but I don’t have any moolah anymore.