Help please (Legacy)

So I got accused of cheating and banned instantly from a modded community server, I was quite pissed but oh well there’s plenty more to play on. I could still play rust after this but now I have a RustDB log of “hacking” which really makes me look bad now so that’s made me quite frustrated, but now I just got the message “Ticket Expired” and can’t join any server. Does this have anything to do with my recent server ban and how do I fix this?

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Okay, issue has resolved itself but how do I get rid of this false hack accusation on RustDB because this makes me more prone to being banned from other servers for no reason.

if its on rustdb dont worry that wont stop you connecting, now if you were vac banned that would be a different matter.
try reinstalling

You need to deal with RustDB, and this forum isn’t the place for that.

This is also the hilarious peril of employing any global blacklist that allows just any server owner to flag you. This was predicted the day the first thread suggesting one appeared, almost a year ago.