Help please? Need some advice on how to code something. Loot system!

For my game mode. Garryz that I’m working on I need a loot system. I can already make players drop inv on death and zombies drop items but I need ways of spawning zombies in relations
To buildings or landmarks. I need there to be item piles in buildings. How can this be done?
ATM I manually spawn zombies in. I would also make it so zombies only spawn when near the
Player but far enough away to not be visible. Code would be usefull. But ideas are great too.
Would the best be to have a loot pile object and place it on the map? Then make it unusable after
Being spawned. I would need to give to switchable graphics so it can be different loot. So
Despite being rare a kitchen could contain a rifle. I can sort out the rarity system myself. Any help is appreciated. You would be in credits.


First of all, don’t sign your posts your name is right up there.
There is an extremely high demand for ‘zombie spawners’ and quite honestly I think a lot of people
can code them.
Head on over to the most recent coder for hire, because no one is going to give you such a complex
code for free.