Help please, Screen freezes while jiggling, unfreezes... not lag.

Recently (Within the past 3-5 days) I have had a recurring issue where everything will stop and start to jiggle then kick back into action with me where I would of been, It is a lot like a lag spike, but without the lag, chat server continues to work just fine and the people moving around me continue normally. This happens anywhere from every 5-15 seconds to every minute or so. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Still no luck? I added a few things you could try on the Steam Forum where you posted as well.

Jiggling?! You mean as in trying to go in a certain direction and just half a second later you get moved back? If so. This is some wierd connection problem. It can either be caused by bad connection or minges trying to crash the server!.. I think it is related to your sending speed since from my experience everything else (which you recieve through the connection) goes on normaly!