Help please.

I have quite a few questions. I posted in the Apple section but i found my answer for that so im moving on. Anyways, I want to create a TTT server on GMOD. My favorite server went under, a good server. So, I have no idea what i am doing. Im more of a spokesman, idea maker, and i have the money. I know what i want but i cant code. Anyways, i have a few questions. I want to build an community so i need someone good to help me.

1: Where is a good place to go to buy a GMOD server.
2: If you are good at coding, please leave a comment and tell me some of your abilities. If i like you i will add you on steam. And we can discuss business. If you Facepunch name isnt the same as steam. Please leave steam name.

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Answer to first question: Best place to buy from I personally think is Xenon servers.
I know the owner and that’s the cheapest most efficient server you’ll be able to buy.
I have my own community and wouldn’t mind helping out in another. I can get anything needed coded by a private coder of mine. He does a good job, doesn’t rush and puts effort into what he’s coding.
Raven Games - (my community so far)
If you’re interested add me -

Eww. Xenon severs?
Man if you want legit hosting, PM me.
I own a 40slot server, and all I pay is $20 a month.
If you want less slots like 24, it’s way cheaper.
Lemme know if you’re interested so I can send you my referral link and I’ll get discounts.